Social enterprises and community groups

Do you have a big idea for your community but don’t know where to begin?

Is your organisation in need of an organisational or sustainability review?

Do you have an initiative in mind but don’t have the capacity in your organisation to make it happen? 

Non-profit enterprises have become big business.  They have sprung up all over the country to meet needs and plug gaps in services that have diminished or disappeared.   Social enterprises are not only a life-line in many communities, but they are run as slick organisations delivering sophisticated services to those who need them by dedicated people who are passionate about what they do. 

We have set up, advised and mentored groups to meet community needs and become sustainable organisations.

Gingerbread Norfolk and Norwich is one example.  Set up from nothing, penniless and without a roof, we devised a plan to get the group off the ground:

gingerbread forum event
Raising awareness of the new group in the Forum, Norwich
  • Identify a legal structure
  • Form a committee
  • Develop a constitution
  • Register as a charity
  • Apply for grants
  • Find a venue
  • Create and distribute publicity materials
  • Press launch
  • Invite press to opening day
  • Hold publicity event in central Norwich
  • Recruit members
  • Survey members to assess needs
  • Develop plans and events to meet needs


Gingerbread 071
A monthly outing for one parent families

The group raised funds through membership and grants, organised weekly meet ups for families, monthly outings and annual holidays.  Seasonal events were organised and local businesses made contributions.

This is just one of the groups we support.  Others include mental health support groups in London and Surrey, fledgling community groups in Great Yarmouth looking to deliver youth provision, enterprise initiatives in Norwich and children’s music groups.  Getting an initiative off the ground is a huge commitment and undertaking.  We can help find a way to support you and find the funding to do it.


Contact us to discuss how we can help.  We’d be happy to share any advice we can and help you explore options available.

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