Project management

Strategy is everything in the challenge of project management.  No matter how you break it down, “strategy”  or “policy” is the suffix to every component:

  • media
  • publicity
  • volunteer
  • campaign
  • management
  • crisis
  • financial
  • investment
  • personnel
  • ethics
  • stakeholders
  • sponsorship
  • membership
  • recruitment
  • corporate associates

Consideration paid to each of these areas will be time well spent.  While they may not seem immediately applicable, drill down into each one and they will have implications on your organisation.

What’s a project?

Good question!   We would classify a project as having some of the following:

  • a goal that requires a strategy to get their
  • several activities such as research, assessment, debate, contemplation from any conflicting audiences to find solutions or answers
  • formulation of proposals informed by market research
  • exploration into legislation, behaviour or attitudes
  • a task that sets clear objectives and action is taken to meet them- a campaign!
  • drives to raise awareness, market or promote an incentive
  • where change must occur and help is needed or essential

Julie has worked in project management for nearly all her working life.   Campaigning at the RSPCA involved campaigning at Britain’s most diverse level, with an organisation that both prosecutes and campaigns.   Having been involved in both functions of Britain’s most unique organisation, which campaigns for legislation and prosecutes from it,  she was employed to ensure its interests were observed and protected.

Projects managed!

Amongst her campaigns and projects, Julie has managed or been instrumental in the following:

  • The Animal Welfare Act
  • The Quarantine Reform Act
  • The Firework Act
  • RSPCA Annual Alternative Awards
  • Establishment of a lone parent support and advice organisation in Norwich
  • Act against hunting with hounds
  • Consultation into the regeneration of Middlegate, Great Yarmouth
  • Housing allocation in  Norwich
  • Promotion and relaunch of disability rights charity Equal Lives
  • Media management of the rescue and rehoming of 2000 cats following breeding establishment closure
  • Multi million pound campaign to secure legislative improvements for hen welfare and egg farming and change supermarket and consumer attitudes.


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