Funding solutions

Anyone in the non-profit sector is inclined to want to do wonders with very little.  Well the good news is, we probably can!

With careful planning, garnering of resources, accessing the right funding and a befitting team, the impossible can be achieved.

We are realistic, we know there’s competition for funding out there.  But we also know there are lots of pots and we can help you access them.


binoculars-1026424_1920The service we offer is all about listening to you first before we can offer you a proposal. We will then research your needs, look at costs, how we can help you cover them and what is the best team to pull together to deliver what you want.   We want you and your community to thrive and we will do what we can to help you within the budget you have or that we can obtain with you.



Above all, we can do great things together.  When we get the formula right, the funds will follow.  For they are out there!

Get It Communications and Wiseman & Associates have teamed up to pool our resources.  Between us we will find funding solutions and devise a plan to spend it wisely and prudently!  Making socially successful projects should be about community involvement and participation from individuals and the commercial sector.  We’ll help you explore:

  • sponsorship
  • crowdfunding
  • social replication
  • grant funding
  • trusts
  • membership
  • donors

The structure of your organisation will depend on the revenue you can seek.  Let us support you in ensuring you access all the funding you can.

Contact us.  We may be able to help you with some initial advice.



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