Events that work hard

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela

A good event prepared well can produce a valuable harvest for any organisation.  With careful planning the rewards will be plentiful.  Whether it’s launching a service or campaign, raising awareness or changing attitudes that’s your primary goal, one event can work on multiple levels.  It’s a question of making the most of the opportunity.

Food display
A feast from around the world drew residents together in a public consultation

Our brief to consult residents on urban regeneration in Great Yarmouth and encourage integration on a shoestring budget was a fabulous challenge.  Harnessing the skills of the community itself, we brought dancers, food from around the world, flags from all nations and children’s activities together in a vibrant event that ticked all the boxes and more.  All ages were on their feet dancing, feasting and filling in surveys – and the community was integrating in what some Afro-Portuguese people described as “the first of such an occasion”.

international consultation
A festival of international food with Afro-Portuguese dancers created a great environment for a public consultation in Great Yarmouth.  Not only did it allow us to survey the community, it also encouraged integration and identified people with aspirations to start-up small enterprises.


afroluso dancers
Gifted young dancers from Afroluso performed at our Feast of Nations event where food from more than 10 countries brought the community together for a public consultation


Founder of Get It, Julie Briggs, has 20 years experience of planning and managing events. She was recruited by national charities to find solutions to problems and manage campaigns with a broad spectrum of stakeholders.  From national events in Westminster campaigning for changes in legislation, to taking over The Forum in Norwich to promote support services for families and disabled people, she will find innovative ways to deliver your message and secure measurable outcomes.

Actors were brought in to perform scripts at the writing group ScriptEast’s first free course for new writers.  The event promoted the group and doubled its membership

Tell us what you want to do and we’ll prepare a costed proposal including promotional materials, a publicity plan and, if necessary, methods to fund it.  

An event needn’t cost the earth.  At Get It we believe in making your money go a long way and make it work to boost your profile, meet objectives and engage your audience in as many ways as possible.  There’s no point in going fishing and only catching one fish when you’ve 5,000 to feed!  We will net you as many benefits from your event as we possibly can.

Finding funds

If you are a small group and have no funding, we can help you access funds to cover the costs of your event.  Grants are available to assist non-profits and charities to develop which includes running events.

  • consultations
  • campaign launches
  • rebranding
  • fundraising
  • surveys
  • raising awareness
  • education drives
  • recruiting volunteers

Whatever your objective, we will help you achieve your goal and more!

Contact us and we’ll help you explore your options no matter what size your budget is – you may not even have one but we’ll work to help you Get It!

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