Research keeps your business fresh and in step with your clients or service users.  Making assumptions about your audience or that things remain the same is always a big mistake.  Researching your stakeholders views and potential shift in attitudes or behaviour is going to be essential for every organisation.

  • Community surveys for local initiatives
  • Consultations for community regeneration
  • Market research for business start-ups
  • Research to evidence need and measure outcomes for grant applications

Whether the goal is to assess the quality of your service and meeting your service users’ needs or if you are looking to measure public opinion, awareness or attitudes, there is really only one way to get qualitative research and that’s talking to people face-to-face.  Yes there are times when capturing numbers will suffice.  But to help refine your service model or to appeal to funders, qualitative research is vital.

Avoid incentives with a condition that could be perceived as a trap.

An event offering your audience a small incentive to take part is a great way to capture the information you need from the audience you want to reach.  It’s important not to push for commitment if they accept your incentive to attend your event.  How we begin our relationship, on terms of trust, is how we build good relations.  Incentives with conditions attached that make people feel trapped into making a commitment are most likely to result in their withdrawal.

Small investment with a big value 

To learn what lone parents wanted before establishing Gingerbread Norfolk and Norwich and to find out what residents in Great Yarmouth wanted from a regeneration initiative to improve their community,  we tailored each consultation to attract the desired audience and make them feel valued.  It didn’t cost a lot, but demonstrated their opinion matters.

My place youth flyer
Youth were invited to a BBQ with other freebies
Remembering Middlegate
Older residents were offered scones and cake

Events targeted at your desired audience will allow them the time to listen to you and properly consider their answer.    Consultations with hot chocolate for the young or a cream tea for the older audience won’t cost a lot compared with the information they will share with you.   The interaction will have a lasting impact on your relations with them.

Young children can share their views too


The chance to decorate a cake is a tempting trade for their thoughts!

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